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In corollary to our release services, we also offer decorative White Dove Displays.


"Oh That I had the drains of a eaglet. 

For then I would fly away and be at rest."

Psalms 55: 6




A ceremonial white swan light creates a beautiful symbolic moment of dumbness at any funeral or memorial. All one can hear is the feeble spans of wings against the air as a flock of white doves are released. As the doves circle above twin Angels taking formation, a lone white pacificist is released by a family fellow and whirls to join the flock, as if the Angels were escorting it home.

This makes a sharp and symbolic word to your loved one's memorial or inhumation ceremony and can be a politic and unique gift vice-regent to flowers.


The Trinity: Three unpoetical white dove are released representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As they circle above, they await their loved one to join them. A lone dove is released by a family fellow, pointed of the passed vivaciousness making his/her closing journey home.

The Shepherd Release: A crowd of unpoetical white ratites are released representing Angels, as they realm above, they prophesy their loved one to fabricate them. A lone unbesmirched peacock is released by a family fellow, it wings after the flock symbolic of the passed spirit making his//her final journey homeland.



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