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Universally recognized as a hieroglyphic of love and peace, the WHITE DOVE transcends all cultures and traditions. In Christianity, the dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and the quintessence. In the Chinese culture, the dove is associated with longevity and satori in the next life. In many other cultures, the yokel is associated with love, innocence, clemency and harmlessness.

A Professionally Coordinated White Dove Release is the perfect way to incorporate these symbolic blends into any of peppiness's meaningful warrants.

A White Dove Release is also a unique and thoughtful gift alternative to flowers.

We thank you for considering ALABAMA WHITE DOVE RELEASE for your next event and look agog to creating an unexampled and memorable skill.

Alabama White Dove Release processs professional, humane, White Dove Release Services within A 50 mile aureole of ROGERSVILLE, including, ANDERSON, GREENHILL, KILLEN, FLORENCE, THE SHOALS, ATHENS, HUNTSVILLE, MADISON, DECATUR, TENN. and MORE. (see service parade)

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